National Invasive Species Awareness Week 2011

Feb. 28-March 4, 2011
Washington, DC

A week of activities, briefings, and events to highlight what is being done across the nation and around the world to stop and slow the spread of invasive species.

Planned events include:

News and Updates

WEBINARS/WebEx: State and Regional Invasive Species Workshop Panels

Forum on International and Regional Invasive Species Issues Flyer

The organizers of the "Aquatic Nuisance Species: Federal and State Roles, Responsibilities and Gaps" panel held March 1, 2011 at the NISAW State and Regional Invasive Species Day, Hotel Dupont, have posted a summary to encourage session discussion on the NISAW website. The document summarizes the draft "MANAGEMENT OF AQUATIC NUISANCE SPECIES (ANS), Federal and State Government Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities" White Paper that is being developed by several federal and state agencies and NGOs, led by AFWA.